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In this solo show, white millennials move to New Orleans longing for a carefree place to call home. What they find is a city in crisis. Post-Katrina gentrification has ushered in expensive rent, bougie restaurants, and unregulated Airbnb—not to mention black displacement. All public schools are privatized. Income inequality continues to widen. Once the country’s largest slave market, New Orleans today is the world’s incarceration capital. In Transplant, writer-performer Dante Fuoco uses side-splitting parody and thoughtful social commentary to embody a dozen white newcomers, from the arrogant education reformer to the kombucha-loving yuppie. They struggle to confront not only white privilege, white shame, and racial injustice but a deeply uncomfortable question: How can I put down roots in a city that’s maybe better off without me? 


Hopeful Arrival

"I love history. I mean. I studied third world cinema in Senegal for five weeks. So."


Renegade Mixologist

"Crawfish. Po Boy. Daiquiri. What else does my smoothie need?"




Education Reformer

"As a teacher for one year in Detroit, and three months in New Orleans, I understand kids." 


Airbnb Mogul

"Katrina was an opportunity, not a tragedy."

Mardi Gras Virgin


White Ally Vlogger

"Shame has always been an effective tool to promote social justice." 


"Kombucha reinforces white bourgeois cultural capital. I want it."

Self-Hating Yuppie


"Am I part of the problem?"


"I don't want anything for my birthday. Except...to be more woke."

Ashamed Gentrifier


"I'm birthday bitch."

...hours later

Fledgling Runaway

Full performance available upon request

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