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photo by Chana Rose Rabinovitz

In this solo show, white millennials move to New Orleans longing for a carefree place to call home. What they find is a city in crisis. Post-Katrina gentrification has ushered in expensive rent, privatized public school, bougie restaurants, and unregulated Airbnb—not to mention Black displacement, mass incarceration, and widening income inequality. In Transplant, writer-performer Dante Fuoco  embodies a dozen white newcomers, each varied in wokeness. As they resist and reckon with white privilege, these transplants are left to question their new home: How can I put down roots in a city that’s maybe better off without me?

Transplant was staged in multiple iterations, from 2016-7, at The New Movement Theater in New Orleans. Emily Slazer directed. Videography by Jonathan Evans and Sam Moodey. 

Transplant Poster_edited.jpg

poster by Hannah Westerman 

Hopeful Arrival

Renegade Mixologist

Mardi Gras Virgin

Education Reformer

Airbnb Mogul

White Ally Vlogger

Self-Hating Yuppie

Fledgling Runaway

Ashamed Gentrifier

...hours later

Transplant press
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