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winner of the Virginia Tech / Poetry Society of Virginia Prize—  
"This poem captured my interest because of the sonic word play and the complex considerations that word play evoked. I found myself ruminating over the sliding relationship between the environment and the female body, threat as an ambient experience, and betrayal in the context of kinship, social structures, and generations. This poem has intricate layers and surprised me greatly in precisely the way I love good art to astonish, challenge, and provoke me. I loved my unknowing before this poem."     
      — Sueyeun Juliette Lee, contest judge



Exposition Review

winner of the Flash 405 Contest—  
"Well-Lit Rooms expertly deploys familiar language to electric effect. I loved watching the word “safe” shift and squiggle into something new, something decidedly other than “safe,” with every subsequent use.     
      — Rita Bullwinkel, contest judge

mutiny! mag

KGB Bar Lit


Saints + Sinners 2018 (anthology) 

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